Associate Professor Thomas Oxley

Neuro-interventional surgeon and neurologist

VICNomineeAustralian of the Year2021

Associate Professor Thomas Oxley is an internationally recognised neurointerventional surgeon and neurologist. He is the driving force behind an innovation that could restore the independence to 10s of millions of people with paralysis due to spinal cord injury, motor neuron disease and stroke.

Founding CEO of Synchron, Thomas is also the founder and joint head of the vascular bionics laboratory at Melbourne University, and a neurointerventional surgeon at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Through Synchron, Thomas develops bloodstream-delivered solutions for previously untreatable nervous system conditions. Synchron’s flagship product the Stentrode, a world-first minimally invasive brain-computer interface that wirelessly transmits brain signals, is currently being trialled on people with severe paralysis in Melbourne.

Thomas received the 2018 Global Australian Advance Award and the UNESCO Netexplo Award for Innovation. He was also a finalist for the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Innovator of the Year Award [2018].