Dr Madeline Green

Marine scientist and founder of Otlet

TASNomineeAustralian of the Year2021

Madeline Green is the co-founder of Otlet, a social enterprise that promotes sustainable sharing of biological samples among bioscientists.

Each year, researchers collect around 94 million samples from plants and animals, often at considerable expense and effort. At the end of the project, these are usually discarded, preventing others from benefiting from their use.

As a marine scientist, Madeline recognised the need for a tool that enabled safe and collaborative sharing between researchers. She established Otlet with two goals in mind: to increase efficiency of sample use and to lessen the number of animals sacrificed to science.

Otlet provides an online database where scientists can submit a record of their sharable research samples, search those from other teams, and request samples from colleagues around the world.

By creating a catalogue of available samples, scientists can save the time and expense involved with their own sample collection, while reducing waste and the impact on animals and plants.