Kerry Allen

Educator and mentor

ACTNomineeSenior Australian of the Year2021

Kerry Allen has been a leading educator in Canberra for over 50 years, transforming the lives of children and teachers.

In her years of directing and teaching at primary schools, Kerry recognised the need for specialised training for music teachers. She co-founded Orff Music Institute and was an early President of the Kodaly Institute, working to empower educators and change the way that music is taught in schools through innovative, dynamic and enthusiastic approaches.

Kerry volunteered in both organisations alongside her full-time teaching positions, inspiring countless children and their families, while providing mentorship and support for music teachers through regular workshops. She choreographed and directed musical performances that enabled Canberra youth to showcase their talents.

As a University lecturer and tutor, Kerry continued to mentor students entering the world of education and contributed significantly to this field of knowledge. Upon retirement, she has dedicated her life to teaching children with particular difficulties, helping them re-engage with the schooling system.