Keeley Johnson

13-year-old founder of charity Keeley's Cause

VICNomineeYoung Australian of the Year2021

At 13 years old, Keeley Johnson created the charity, Keeley’s Cause, to help other children just like her. Keeley’s autism and learning disability meant she struggled to learn using paper-based methods – despite performing the same tasks well using an iPad.

Lack of funding meant Keeley didn’t have access to an iPad at school. This limited her ability to learn and communicate with others and contributed to her family’s decision to home school.

Then Keeley and her mum came up with a plan to ensure other children would have access to the resources they needed. They founded Keeley’s Cause to provide iPads pre-loaded with tailored education plans to children with autism or an intellectual disability.

In just two years, Keeley raised more than $70,000 and presented 103 iPads through donations and sponsorship, merchandise sales and sausage sizzles.

In 2020, she was awarded the prestigious Diana Award, which continues Princess Diana’s legacy by recognising young people’s extraordinary achievements.