Kate Jones & Amanda Hose

Hosts of Too Peas in a Podcast

VICNomineeAustralian of the Year2021

Kate Jones and Amanda Hose met 14 years ago when they both had twins they would later find out who all had disabilities or additional needs

Recognising there were few people talking about the experience of parenting multiple children with disabilities, they started ‘Too Peas in a Podcast’. With no previous podcast experience, they set themselves the goal of finding 30 listeners.

Twelve months later, their podcast passed the 1 million mark. Today, it attracts 10,000 listeners each week. These include parents of kids with disabilities and those without, educators and health professionals.

With humour and honesty, Kate and Amanda cover a host of issues – from medical and educational challenges to social stigma, mental health and family relationship challenges. They also talk about their ongoing efforts to give their children rich and satisfying lives.

Kate and Amanda don't pretend to be experts. But by acknowledging their own and others’ experiences they hope to build a connection and give a voice to parents with children who have additional needs.