Jessica Peil

Community volunteer

ACTNomineeLocal Hero2021

Jessica Peil dedicates her time to raising much needed funds for community organisations. After the summer bushfires, she donated groceries to affected families on the South Coast, and sewed tote bags as part of the Slabs for Heroes Campaign.

She knits beanies for the Human Kind Project, helping children in Malawi, and for the Fly Program, a men’s mental health initiative that creates a safe environment for men to express their feelings.

Jess is most passionate about raising funds and awareness for Bravehearts, which offers protection and empowerment for children who have been sexually assaulted, and education around spotting the warning signs and speaking up.

For the past two years, Jess has participated in the 777 marathon event, completing seven marathons in seven states over seven days to raise awareness and funds.

Jess has dedicated months to training and seeking sponsorship from major businesses, so far raising more than $88,000 for the charity. In 2020, due to COVID-19, all seven marathons were run within the ACT.