Jeanette Johnstone

Creator of Teacher In A Box

QLDNomineeSenior Australian of the Year2021

Jeanette Johnstone has made a significant impact in the provision of educational resources through her innovative technology project, Teacher In a Box.

The project repurposes donated technology to bring online education to the offline world. It does this by transforming a single laptop into a server that enables up to 100 devices to connect to enormous databases of information. These include academic resources for all ages and levels of schooling, and community development materials on topics such as agriculture, environment, medicine and water management.

The program has been implemented in more than 100 sites around the world, including schools, orphanages and universities – enhancing the lives of many in disadvantaged and remote communities. It also reduces e-waste by giving laptops a second life.

Jeanette also organises fundraising events for community welfare groups. She takes a personal role in supporting individuals and single parents experiencing hard times, particularly those living with disability.