Dylan Langley

Out of Home care reform advocate

VICNomineeYoung Australian of the Year2021

Dylan Langley spent his childhood in foster care and group residential facilities – and when he was required to leave Out of Home (OOH) care at age 18, he had nowhere to go. He slept rough and in homeless shelters and experienced a mental health breakdown.

Sadly, his experience is not uncommon, with many OOH residents experiencing poor outcomes when they leave care.

Dylan now works with the Home Stretch campaign, calling on governments to allow young people to continue in OOH care until age 21. He draws on his lived experience to advocate for this important change, to help provide greater protection for vulnerable young adults.

A caring, thoughtful man, Dylan is a volunteer speaker with youth mental health organisation Orygen. He contributes to the training and development of healthcare students, mental health and OOH workers, and other welfare professionals.

In 2019, Dylan participated in the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, providing first-hand insights on the complex needs of people in OOH care.