Denise Brailey

Consumer advocate

WANomineeLocal Hero2021

Denise Brailey is a consumer advocate who devotes her free time to investigating financial abuse. She has dedicated several decades of her life to assisting elderly retirees who have had their life savings stolen through superannuation scams, banking fraud and PONZI schemes.

Recognising the flaws in the banking and finance systems, Denise returned to university to study criminology and law. Between 1993 to 2001, she founded the Real Estate Consumer Association and the Banking and Finance Consumers Association to provide organisational support for consumers and help them recover lost funds.

Through Denise’s continued efforts and investigations, more than 11 enquiries have been held in parliaments across Australia. This includes five at a federal level and a Royal Commission into finance brokers in WA. She has also successfully lobbied to change federal and state legislation around consumer protection by organising rallies outside the offices of regulators in every capital city.

Denise also works tirelessly to educate consumers around the world about their rights, empowering them to stand up to corruption.